Weight Loss

Long Term Sustainable Weight Loss

If your goal is to shed some unwanted pounds, Dr. Best will guide you in a highly effective weight loss program. Our main focus is teaching you how to lose the excess weight and maintain your ideal weight for life.

In the first phase of this program Dr. Best will teach you how to eat real foods in order create a mild state of ketosis to ensure that you lose fat while maintaining your lean muscle mass. In other low calories diets you lose muscle in addition to losing fat which results in you having to eat less food the rest of your life in order to maintain that weight. Dr. Best has found that by utilizing this program you will lose the fat, increase lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism so that you can eat more food when you finish the weight loss portion of the program.

The second phase of the program teaches you how to find what foods are toxic and create inflammation in your body. This inflammatory food response is the culprit to getting you over weight in the first place.
Dr. Best can also discover thru the use of Applied Kinesiology what other factors exist in your body which may have been creating long term weight issues, whether it is physical or emotional and offer you solutions.

The program Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C. uses for rapid long term weight loss was voted number 1 for the last two years in Australia over Atkins, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Dr. Best has been trained with this weight loss program and successfully completed the program himself loosing 25 lbs. in only 4 weeks.

This is a physician monitored program that teaches you how to eat real foods in proper combinations to lose weight and keep it off for life. This program is tailored specifically to each individual and their needs. Many patients are able to reduce or completely come off of medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. This is real science that restores your body to real health.

Phase 1: Rapid Weight Loss

This is the rapid weight loss phase, where men on average lose on average from 20 to 30 lbs. in the first 5 week period. Women under age 50 lose on average from 13 to 18 lbs., based on a 10,000 participant study. Almost one million people already have reached their ideal weight on this program.

This is a mild ketogenic program in order monitor body fat loss and retain lean muscle mass to increase your metabolic level once you have completed the weight loss program.

Phase 2: Discovering Inflammatory Foods

The first phase is an elimination diet coupled with real science and eating real foods. The second phase teaches you how to add back in the ‘starchy’ foods without gaining back the weight. This phase also determines what foods create an allergic response slowing down your metabolism. This creates a tailored program for you to maintain your ultimate weight for life.

Getting to your ideal weight & staying there
Having a healthy relationship to food that is eaten
Preventing many of the major diseases
Feeling better and having more energy
Phase 1: lose fat while preserving lean muscle mass

Transition Phase: 'transition' program integrating starchy foods

Phase 2: understanding how to eat to maintain weight loss for life

Dr. Best feels that Phase 2 is the most important phase. In this phase you learn what foods create and maintain inflammation in your body and creates bloating and holding on to excess water. Inflammation in conjunction with insulin resistance causes the body to store fat. It is toxic effect which appears to slow down the metabolism and gain weight even more easily. During the process of both phases, the body becomes more efficient at burning fat, increasing the metabolism, maintaining lean muscle and breaking the syndrome which leads to insulin resistance.

More than 500 hundred of thousand people have lost weight using this system in a healthy, safe and effective manner. Furthermore, it is the fastest growing international network of doctor supervised weight loss centers that are healthcare practitioner centric and administered.

The beauty of the program is its simplicity and the fact that it is basic biochemistry. People are shown how to get their body to burn fat for fuel during the first step. Once they get to their ideal weight they are shown how to maintain that ideal state. They receive a system for eating all the heavy, starchy foods in a way that the weight is not regained. Finally, a trained and licensed healthcare practitioner evaluates 9 potential health condition and 9 lifestyles that over time can stop a person from staying at their ideal weight. There is no reason it cannot work for everyone since it works according to the biochemistry of the body.

The greatest gift of health people can give themselves and their loved ones is a system that will get them to their ideal weight and in the process show them how to have a healthy relationship with the food they eat so that they can maintain their ideal weight for life. This by itself could clear up many health challenges people face today.

100 years ago less than 1 in 50 people developed cancer; today it is 1 in 3. To make matters worse even though billions of dollars have been spent over the past few decades, we do not have a cure for cancer. However, it is much easier to prevent cancer from happening than trying to control it once it develops into a tumor and spreads throughout the body. The impact of full-blown cancer and its consequences to life and one’s family is devastating. Your weight and what you eat has the greatest impact on your body’s ability to mount a strong first line of defense.

Many studies being published on cancer, heart disease and diabetes are showing the negative impact of being overweight and obese on these diseases, not to mention many other health conditions associated with being over weight. It is no wonder that, as a nation, we spend more money on people’s health than any other industrialized country, but have many more chronically sick people in comparison.

It is our belief that if people were able to get to their ideal weight and maintain it over time, while having a healthy relationship with the food they eat, they would be giving themselves the greatest gift of health. Many of the health problems they are experiencing would go away, allowing their body to effectively function and allowing the process of healing to take place.

Alkalize your body by foods and especially Alkaline Antioxidant Water to support your weight loss.

I recommend the Athena, a premium water alkalizer and generates the highest ORP (antioxidant potential). I have found that if I drink this water after I eat a food I am normally inflammed by, i.e. wheat, where I gain a lot of water weight and bloating over night, now I don't! I found this amazing.

Watch this video on the impotance of Alkaline water!


This video talks about the importance of becoming alkaline for weight loss. Eating alkaline foods to change your pH is very difficult, using alkaline water I found is the better way to go!


Weight Loss Testimonials

I lost 40 lbs in 8 weeks and haven't felt better in my life. I'm back to my college weight. Even with working 12 hour shifts I still had lots of energy.

C. Carrington

After being on Dr. Best's diet for a few days I was feeling more energetic and less bloated--in fact I didn't have any bloating or cramping usually associated with my period. Actually, it felt as if I didn't even have a period at all. Did I forget to mention I also stopped having migraines!

L. Morales

I stopped losing weight at Jenny Craig and then lost 22 lbs on Dr. Best's diet!

T. Smith


Physical healing.

Physical healing can also take place on many levels and many different modalities.

Dr. Best began his journey using Reiki and then moved into deep tissue neuromuscular reeducation. After becoming proficient in those areas, Dr. Best became a chiropractor. During his education he also studied Applied Kinesiology (AK) through the ICAK, as he had been helped directly from AK with his own back injuries, having broken his back at the age of 16.

Dr. Best found chiropractic and AK to be the fastest way to help heal physical disturbances in the body. Dr. Best is not your standard chiropractor only manipulating the spine for 5 minutes. Dr. Best utilizes his tools with soft tissue, muscle integration and balancing the muscular and nervous systems. The idea is that muscles move bones and integrating AK with physical adjustments allows the body to maintain its corrections.

Chiropractic adjustments don't have to hurt; in fact they shouldn't. There is no need to create more physical stress when releasing the chronic stress from the body. In some cases people are highly sensitive to touch, in these cases Dr. Best uses low force adjusting techniques like Activator, DNFT and respiratory corrections.

Visit Dr. Best's Chiropractic Website.


Nutritional and chemical healing of the body.

Ignoring the nutritional component in healing can prolong the time frame in which the body heals.

Dr. Best is highly skilled at finding what nutritional deficiencies may be creating or holding on to dysfunction in the body. The cells of the body need the proper balance of nutrients and alkalinity to heal properly.

Certain foods can be inflammatory to your system and may be the underlying culprit to a chronic injury. Dr. Best utilizes and non-inflammatory diet in weight loss protocols, but also where chronic inflammation is a problem in a patient's recovery.

Dr. Best also offer Allcat testing for an in depth look at inflammatory foods.


Energy healing thru quantum physics.

I found the best illustration of what explains the process in many forms of energy healing was the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know" , as it shows how the mere observation and What the Bleep Do We Knowintent of observer influences the behavior of the atomic structures and molecules. Light was observed to change its nature from a wave to a particle form just by being observed.

In Emoto's work "Messages from Water" we see how the physical structure is water at the molecular level is changed to form different crystal patterns based on intention and the vibration that is carried in Love Crystalwords. This has huge relevance in our lives since we are more than 70% water and up to 90% water in the brain; in other words, if we are speaking degrading statements to ourselves we are affecting our own structure. Meditation and prayer also had a PROFOUND effect on the structure of the water.

When it comes to energy healing modalities some common sense still needs to be applied, because we are more than just 'light' energy bodies. We are also composed of denser frequencies of earth minerals which means that we may need healing with more than just 'light' energy, we may need minerals, herbs, medicine, surgery, exercise and chiropractic.




















Dr. Best recommends:

The Athena Water Ionzier from IonWays