Reducing Stress

Stress effects the body on many levels; physical, chemical (nutrition), and emotions.  This is known as the Triad of Health.  Each area is important for the overall well-being of the body.  The mind is a powerful healer when stressors are reduced and the right chemistry of nutrition and physical corrections are applied.  Applied Kinesiology is tool used to look at these imbalances illuminated through the muscular system.

Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology can help you reduce stress!

Nutrition Plans

Eating healthy plays a huge role in reducing stress.  Discovering your inflammatory foods is a key in this process of eating healthy.  Dr. Best, D.C. provides allergy and food sensitivity testing through laboratory analysis and provide you with a food plan to reduce systemic inflammation.

Also as part of his weight loss plan, the Phase 3 protocol from Ideal Protein helps to maintain your healthy weight loss goals.

Weight Loss

A high BMI and excessive weight can lead to diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Work/Life balance

When it comes to feeling good and having a healthy body, balance is the key.  We weren’t built to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day or for that matter standing in one place doing repetitive motions. Stress from work needs to be balanced with exercise, good nutrition and balance of your neuro-muscular system.  The balance of this system is where chiropractic can help.  As a neuro-muscular specialist, Ken Best, D.C., can help you achieve your core balance.

Meditation in Nature…

A wonderful way to reduce stress is to take your meditation outside.  Feel and connect to the trees, the grass, the wind and merely focus on your breath in and out.  Let everything else go and surrender to moment of feeling the breath in and then out.  As thoughts of the day come let them drift up and into the sun releasing them and return to your focused breath.  This is a simple yet powerful meditation.

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