Sound Healing Journey

SCHEDULE: Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Journey REGISTER ONLINE TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE TUESDAY @ 6:30 pm – 2022 August 23 August 30 September 6 September 13 THURSDAY @ 6:30 pm – 2022 August 18 August 25 September 1 September 8 September 15 ADDITIONAL DATES AND TIMES: none yet REGISTER ONLINE TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE […]

Safety protocols during Covid-19

During the uptick and new strain of the Coronavirus, extra precautions are in place. The office is equipped with Airocide air filtering system which filters out viruses, bacteria and mold. We also have a HEPA Filter with ionizer and UV light in addition to carbon filtered HVAC system. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, […]





“I Am At Peace” Meditation Close your eyes and begin with the phrase “I am at peace.” Once this meditation is practiced correctly several times, it works as a type of biofeedback mechanism. The phrase “I am at peace” signals your body to return to the state of relaxation previously developed by your use of […]

11 Best Ways to Face Life’s Challenges

Dr. Ken Best is a holistic physician who specializes in sports chiropractic and applied kinesiology. He teaches people how to find and change limiting beliefs so that they can rewired the way their brain works to create the life they want. He also uses a holistic approach to heal people who are suffering from both […]

Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

Healing through chakra opening yoga exercises from the book “The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth”.