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Deborah Behrens

Ken is one of the most gifted healers I know. I’ve been going to him for years, both for pq ost car accident related injuries and for other things that pop up. He has never failed to rejuvenate my body and soul.

Harry Rob Bruner

Been seeing Ken for years. Unlike most chiropractors who are done with you in 5 minutes (I’ve been to many!), Ken spends plenty of time getting to know you and your body to assess what you need – as he works on you. He uses a variety of state of the art therapeutic techniques, but his best attribute is his caring and highly intuitive approach. He really knows his stuff – integrative and holistic. He loves what he does. He will take care you of and you will come back again and again.

Michel Bourgeois

I Give Dr. Best five stars!!!!! I have been looking for a Chiropractor like Dr. Best for a while! Dr. Best is really dedicated to his patients. He takes time and do much more than chiropractic. He does Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) so he can know exactly what is going wrong with you! The staff is also friendly!

Jeffrey Marcus

Dr. Best is, as his name attests, the best. He is more than a chiropractor, he is a healer. I’ve been going to him for years, and no matter the issue, I always feel better afterwards. He goes beyond the call of duty.

Jessica May

Dr. Ken is amazing! The first time I went to see him was when I injured my knee to the point that it was difficult to walk and he was able to squeeze me in right away knowing it was an emergency. After my knee healed, I continued to see him 2 to 3 times a month to fix all the problems I had in my body. Everything that I pointed out, he worked on and I have never felt better! I’d definitely recommend him!

Landall Goolsby

After being in constant pain from several auto accidents, after my first visit with Dr Best, the pain decreased a lot. Within a few months I was pain free and have been for over 8 years. A true healer.

Dustin Dudley

Dr. Ken Best is excellent at what he does. His chiropractic skills are second to none. He also is very knowledgeable about holistic studies, nutrition, and healing. I absolutely recommend Dr Best to anyone with back/neck pain, migraines, sports injuries, etc.

Brittany Spyksma

Dr. Best is amazing. He’s completely in tune to what’s going on with your body and can always find what’s going wrong. My neck used to give me trouble all the time but he helped me feel normal again. The service in the office is always great too. I highly recommend Ken Best!

Toni-Ann Parker

Dr Best is the indeed the very best! I have been his patient for many years. I suffer from chronic back pain due to an accident. Not only does he help me with my chronic pain but he also offer advice on overall health especially diet as certain foods trigger inflammation. He is caring and a gifted healer on so many levels. To simply refer to him as a chiropractor is understatement. Would be lost without him.

Pamela Bunn

I was referred to Dr. Ken Best by three friends who have sung his praises for years—for back pain, sports injuries, fertility issues, you name it. When my back went out on a holiday weekend, I looked him up online and was thrilled this his website allowed me to book an online appointment. Once I saw him, I knew why my friends love him. His energy is calming and supportive and he is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. I left his office after that first visit free of pain. I now see him on a regular basis to help with neck and shoulder issues (thanks, desk job!) and always leave feeling better, calmer and more centered. If you have any kind of pain or blockage, go see Dr. Ken Best!

Nina Giannelli

Dr. Best is one of a kind when it comes to his work. He has a wide range of tips and tools to help his patients overcome any obstacle – be it physical, mental, or emotional. From his muscle testing, cold laser, and theta healing you are guaranteed to walk out feeling better than you walked in. He has a background in a technique called Brimhall, which is a very unique type of chiropractic work and is the only type of chiropractor I will see now. I’ve worked with Dr. Best for four years now and always feel better after a visit. If you’re in need of a chiropractor in the LA area – he’s your guy!

Trisha Pollock

I have been looking for a holistic chiropractor who can work with my injuries and make me feel better for years. I was referred by my personal trainer and I drive from South Orange County just to receive my treatments.

Dr. Best is very knowledgeable in sports injuries, and most importantly he listens to what your problems are and works on a plan to make you feel better and hopefully fix your injury.

The thing that I like most about Dr. Best is that he doesn’t try to sell me a lot of supplements or book me appointments multiple times in the week like other doctors have. I never feel like he is trying to take advantage of me, he wants me to come in when something is hurting and maybe every other week for maintenance.

I have a friend that was supposed to have hip replacement surgery and under Dr. Best’s care she has been able to postpone her surgery and surprise her doctors with her success.

All of his staff offer amazing customer service from appointments to billing.

Dr. Best also offers a diet program and although I would be a perfect candidate he has never tried to push me into trying it.

Thank you Dr. Best for making me feel better and stronger so I can continue dancing without pain.

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Ethan Koral

I was having gut problems for over a year and went to a few GI’s and holistic doctors, but Dr. Best was the only person that was able to help me. He quickly diagnosed my problem, and painlessly relieved me of my ailments after three rounds of antibiotics had failed to show any results. i would recommend him in the highest regard for his chiropractic abilities as well.

Annabelle DeSisto

The best chiropractor I’ve found in LA! I feel instantly better after seeing him & he’s helped my posture so much. Scheduling & parking are both so easy, I can’t say enough great things about him, he lives up to his last name!

Tara Traub

Dr. Best is…the best! He takes the time to explain what he’s doing and why it helps – making patients feel comfortable. His knowledge of the body and great customer service is fantastic. Would highly recommend – especially for active people and athletes!

Chris Cox

I lived briefly in Los Angeles and discovered Dr. Best. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the past 25 years and Dr. Best is great.

Bryan Powell

Went to Dr. Best on Thursday and was very impressed by the level of attention and information he provided. For the first time I have an idea of what is going on with my back and how to better take care of myself and not aggravate it. I will definitely be back soon.

Barbara I

I had been having knee issues to the point where the orthopedic doctor I had been seeing wanted to perform knee replacement surgery, which I didn’t want to do. I had worked with AK (Applied Kineseology) chiropractor’s in the past and was familiar with that type of practice. I found Dr. Ken Best on Yelp and after only my first appointment, I was able to walk up and down the stairs one step at a time, instead of the two feet/one step I had been doing. I’ve had steady and pain free improvements since I began treatments with him four months ago. I’ve had overall improvements in not only my knees, but in my whole body and am grateful to have found such a wonderful, caring healer! He is truely the Best!

Ashley Lanaux

I have been to many chiropractors and recently tried Dr. Best. He was the only person that has been able to wok out the problems in my back, neck and spine. I immediately felt a difference after one session. Thanks again Dr. Best and will definitely be back!

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Kristen B.

Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been seeing Dr. Best for 3 years now.  He is much more than a typical chiropractor. He was the first to help me find lasting relief from the pain in my shoulder that had been a problem on and off for years.  Just recently my gratitude went to a whole new level when I came to see him with a very painful knee injury.  My dog ran into my leg at full speed, knocking me over and causing searing pain in my knee.  I hobbled into his office, barely able to walk, wondering how long this recovery was going to take.  It was so much shorter than I expected.  Within a few weeks of appointments (maybe 2x/week) I was almost pain-free and able to walk all over Europe on a month long trip that I was really looking forward to. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Best!

Janna D.

Beverly Hills, CA


Dr. Best is the second chiropractor I’ve seen since moving to LA. His skills as a healer are wonderful. I always leave his office feeling loose and open, which is not something I can say for every doctor. He approaches the body and mind in a holistic way, which many claim to do, but he actually lives it. He uses state of the art treatments like cold laser therapy and muscle testing. He brings a level of ease and confidence to every session. If you are new to LA and looking for a good chiropractor/healer, save yourself some trouble and go to Dr. Best.

Sam S.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Ken Best is hands down the best. Not only does he adjust and realign my back but he REALLY helped me with my allergies. As soon as I told him my allergies were the worst they have ever been, he started doing these tests on me and recommended supplements for me to take. After 3 days of taking them, I can actually breathe again and not suffering. So for all of the people who suffer from allergies, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ken Best!

Noel H.

Beverly Hills, CA


Ken Best is the best, he took me as a same day walk in when I was in excruciating pain in my chest area and fixed me with a holistic approach – decrease inflammation and healing on top of any structural adjustments. I had seen 2 others and he was the only one who helped. Save time and go to Ken!

Paige L.

San Francisco, CA


Ken Best is a truly gifted healer. I was having some pretty debilitating back spasms, and he completely healed me after three sessions. He also does incredible theta work. He’s amazing!!

Kevin S.

Los Angeles, CA


Best damn chiropractor in town. Suffer from major back spasms. This healer of a man gets me mobile again.

Candy J.

Los Angeles, CA

2/3/2018   Updated review

I LOVE Dr Best! I’ve had countless spinal issues since a very young age and had a spinal fusion as a child. I have Harrington rods (metal) running the full length of my spine, so my movement is very limited. Dr Ken is great at knowing exactly how to adjust me in a way that is not painful and really helps. Given my history I’m VERY picky when choosing a chiropractor and Dr Best is top of my list

12/21/2013  Previous review

I’ve lived in LA for 2 years and have really struggled to find a great chiropractor. My condition is…

Jeffrey M.

Los Angeles, CA


Ken Best goes the extra mile.  Not only is he the best chiropractor I know, but he has the touch of a healer – he puts his heart into it, and he cares.

Michael L.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Ken Best is a true healer, capable of approaching the healing of my body in a number of ways at the same time.  Not only have I felt completely safe and comfortable with how he makes chiropractic adjustments, I always leave feeling “worked on” in the most holistic ways.  I have referred him many times, whenever someone in Los Angeles is looking for a chiropractor.  He is the real deal!!

Susan K.

Los Angeles, CA

1/5/2018   Updated review

Ken is an amazing chiropractor and healer- I’ve been going to him for over 20 years- He’s so good I felt comfortable bringing him on to various film sets I’ve worked on through the years to treat the crew- He’s awesome!!!!!

Pamela B.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best is hands down the best chiropractor in L.A. He’s also a gifted theta healer who has helped me with migraines that I’ve suffered from since childhood as well as chronic back and neck pain. I always leave feeling better and with lighter energy. He’s intuitive and seems to know the root cause of my ailments before I even do. His online booking system means I can make an appointment with ease and around my schedule. And I’ve always been able to get a same-day appointment. If you have pain, go see Dr. Best asap! You’ll be happy you did.

C C.

Dallas, TX


I briefly lived in Los Angeles and discovered Dr. Best. I have used numerous chiropractors the past 25 years and Dr. Best is great.

Brandon S.

New Orleans, LA


Dr. Best is really really great! I would see Ken regularly for gym injuries and chronic neck discomfort when I lived in California years ago. This guy always knew what he was doing and gained my trust very quickly.  I recently moved back to Los Angeles and am so happy to have a chiropractor with his level of expertise working on me again. I definitely 100% recommend Dr. Best and consider him to be the best chiropractor I have used.

Takayuki F.

Los Angeles, CA


I have been coming to see him for over a year.

This place is beyond magical. I originally came here for sciatica pain in my legs. It’s gone now! He now takes care of my entire body and my body can’t be any happier!

Thank you Dr. Ken

David B.

Los Angeles, CA


i’ve been going to ken for almost 20 yrs now.  all my friends say “chiropractors are quacks.”  well, there are chiropractors and then there’s ken best.  he’s more than some back cracker.  before i found ken, i tried a 1/2 dozen chiropractors in l.a.  none of them spent more than 10 minutes with me.  it was usually a quick back crack & out ya go kid.  i walked out in more pain than i did when i went in.  after my first visit with ken, i couldn’t feel my feet.  not in a bad way mind you.  i felt like i was walking on clouds.  my back was straight, my pain had subsided & i was ready for work.  can’t recommend ken enough.
my backstory btw is that i work in the film business & am on my feet a good 12hrs/day.  i lift heavy & awkward pieces of equipment.  sometimes i get a little sore.  sometimes a lot sore!  ken has never failed to relieve my symptoms.
go see ken, you won’t regret it!

Jessica M.

West Hollywood, CA


Dr. Best is amazing! The day after I slightly tore the tendon above my right knee, I could barely walk at all. I called Dr. Best right away to see if he could see me and he said he was willing to close later that day so that he could see what I was dealing with. After an hour long consultation and treatment, I could basically walk again. Definitely recommend Dr. Best for chiropractic practice and sport injuries.

Michelle B.

West Hollywood, CA


Dr best is my go to for chiropractic care in Los Angeles.   Very knowledgeable and thorough.  He’s been an advocate for me for full body and mind health.  Front staff is great and helpful,  outside parking at fitness factory super easy.

Erin W.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best is amazing! I threw out my back the other day and could barely walk, stand or sit without extreme pain. In our initial appointment he helped get rid of most of my pain, enabling me to walk normally, recommended herbal supplements, exercises and sprays for pain, cleared my second chakra and definitely helped me feel relieved that I would be able to recover after another chiropractor told me I needed an MRI to get further treatment. The office staff is wonderful, helpful and compassionate as well. So glad I came here!

Christine W.

Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been to many chiropractors for my chronic neck and back issues, and Dr. Best truly lives up to his name! He uses a combination of traditional adjustments and holistic and state-of-the-art treatments and is a genius with all of the above. I’ve had bad experiences other places where my neck has felt worse afterwards but I always leave here feeling dramatically better. He’s also an expert in knee issues and has helped me with those as well.

Dr. Best genuinely cares about his patients and goes the extra mile to help them heal. I wholeheartedly recommend him, and value his work and expertise so much that I go here even though he is out of network with my insurance. Well worth it!

Mia T.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been seeing chiropractors for many years and Dr. Best truly is the best.  He understands the dynamics of energy and how to shift it in a positive way, which very few understand.  He not only is a chiropractor, but a true healer.  It’s clear that he has studied extensively, and that healing the body is not only his profession, it’s his life’s calling, commitment and passion.

John L.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best has compassion, skill and gives amazing results for total wellness. He not only can get you more flexibility and reduce pain, he can assist you on nutrition and overall sense of inner peace. He has helped me in all of those areas. Highly recommend him!

Chris B.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best is fantastic. Unlike traditional chiropractors, he uses different and unique techniques for adjustments but it doesn’t stop there. He goes deeper and takes a holistic approach to helping you achieve overall wellness. I highly recommend him if you are looking for real results.

Jose P.

West Hollywood, CA


When i heard the crack in my back in the gym and couldn’t get out of bed the next day, I knew the only answer would be surgery, but i was so wrong. This guy had me walking and feeling like new in just a few sessions. What a relief and I’m so grateful for having gone to see him.

Adam B.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best is awesome! In one stretch of life I was getting bad and frequent headaches. Two sessions with him alleviated the headaches beyond words. I started seeing him prior to that for back pain and he helped so much, which is why I went back to him. He is definitely my go-to when I am having any back or neck pain and referred a friend of mine to him when she was having some back issues. Def a cool guy and great adjustments!

Michelle T.

North Hollywood, CA


Dr. Ken Best is, by far, the cream of the crop.  His approach to being a Chiropractor is more comforting and makes more sense than anything I’ve ever experienced.  From muscle testing to how he speaks to his clients, to the cutting edge treatments he uses–I’ve never felt safer on someone’s table.  Two thumbs up.

Charlotte H.

Santa Cruz, CA


Where do I begin?

I have a history, for years, with lower back issues.  It started with a dance injury and escalated, due to years of misuse, into a slipped disc.  OUCH.  This caused my back to “pop out” about once a month and I would miss work for days on end accompanied by excruciating pain.  I have spent YEARS getting rolfed, feldencrais, massage, chiropractic, accupuncture… and yet my back still kept popping out.

Perhaps it’s the combination of my final series of rolfing and joining an amazing pilates studio along with a very fine chiropractor?  but the timing is uncanny.  Since I started seeing Dr. Best, I have had ZERO
back pain or issues for TWO YEARS.  Maybe a little tweaky or tight from time to time but he works that right out in one sesion.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

I am so thankful to Dr. Best.  And though I miss visiting his kitties in his lovely home office, I will say there is an added bonus of  being able to utilize some delicious machines while at fbe spa while at my treatment before and/or after.  Super delicious vibration therapy that for whatever reason puts me in the happiest mood.

Wish I could go more often.  Best chiropractor I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many.

Gryhm F.

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA


Around September 2017, close to a year after my neck broke at Equinox Gym in Hollywood, CA… In my desperation, I found a Sports Medicine Doctor, Dr. Kenneth Best of West Hollywood, CA.. This gentile, kind, professional human being; listened, and responded. Eventually found my clavicle was out of place. He hurled his 200 Lbs body over me and got my clavicle back in. It popped as well, but a healthy pop, I felt like I could breathe again. He then proceeded to fix, and realign my broken body.

Prior to performing any of these chiropractor techniques, he let me know the Staircase on the right side of my neck was missing.. I didn’t fully understand what that meant at the time. This ligament controls the right side of our necks, and, unfortunately connects to everything else in the human body. He put my neck back into place, but warned me, it was out of place for so long, it wont stay. It went back to it’s broken, out of place state within 12 hours, just from walking. It was truly the worst experience in my entire life….

no, I take that back… having my faith in humanity take a gut punch.. most every encounter I had with the people of that terrible place ended horrendously. None of them were willing to make amends, or even try… That is the worst feeling.. they won’t even look me in the eye, because they feel bad about what happen….. what about me!? WHAT ABOUT ME!? I still can’t walk normally, I need still need help.

I was treated so unfairly by every single person at both Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles Equinox.

To all the people who get injured by the high-testosterone-ego driven trainers at Equinox, see Doctor Best. His name fits.

kelly c.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best is wonderful!  I’ve been going to him for over 8 years now.  I can honestly say he has greatly improved my life.  He has more than just helped my back.  There have been times I’ve thought no one could help me, and he has.  He does so much more than fix backs.  He has a very holistic view of health and wellness.  Not eating well? Feeling depressed?
Been in a car accident? Talk to Ken.  He’s helped me in all of these situations.

Hopi M.

Burbank, CA


Dr. Ken Best works on all aspects of the issues at hand.  He takes time to understand and knows the timing and sequence required for best results.  Hoping to delay and possibly avoid hip surgery, I have made continuous improvement with each session.  You feel safe and able to understand your part of the healing process.  He does go the extra mile and you feel the sincerity.  You always leave happier as well as feeling the results of the work. Rare to find such expertise and giftedness together.  Thanks Dr. Ken!!!

Younique1 O.

North Hollywood, CA


Dr Best is simply an Amazing doctor!  He is patient, kind, wise and makes you feel heard, understood and very well taken care of!  I would recommend Dr. Best to everyone in search of wellness and living their best healthy life!

  1. L.

Cypress, CA

1/18/2018   Updated review

  1. ken is the most down to earth, caring, professionally, up to date chiropractic care doctor i have known and love!!! thank you
    i wish he was in o.c.belot closer to get to
    i really need treatments from him!!!

10/16/2015  Previous review

  1. Ken is a very caring , knowledgeable doctor who combines western & Asian (eastern) practice to…

Melanie D.

Central LA, West Hollywood, CA


Dr. Ken Best is the most incredible. Never have I been to a doctor where you actually feel how much he wants to help you. I have a really bad neck and injured shoulder and Dr. Best is the only one who has been able to help me. Dr. Beat has the most calming way about him and I trust him completely. He is way more than the 5 stars:

Rob B.

West Hollywood, CA


Been seeing Ken for years. Unlike most chiropractors who are done with you in 5 minutes (I’ve been to many!), Ken spends plenty of time getting to know you and your body to assess what you need – as he works on you. He uses a variety of state of the art therapeutic techniques, but his best attribute is his caring and highly intuitive approach. He really knows his stuff  – integrative and holistic. He loves what he does. He will take care you of and you will come back again and again.

Pepes Nightclub-Restaurant ..

San Bernardino, CA


great adjustment doctor feel great!!

Bob L.

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Best was able to pin point a few very problematic back, hamstring, and clavicle issues of mine.. beyond his experience and attention to detail, I believe he is a healing person, extremely rare. Highly recommend.

Bryan P.

Beverly Hills, CA


Dr Ken has been helping me with lower back pain and diagnosing food sensitivities.  He is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly explains the cause of my pain and how we can work to heal everything. He also has first hand knowledge and experience with many of the issues I am experiencing. I am seeing great results and highly recommend him.  He seems genuinely interested in me and helping me improve my overall health and wellbeing.

Germoney S.

Sherman Oaks, CA


In Jan. 2010, I was run over by a large truck and suffered pretty serious injuries.

The first Chiropractor I saw was horrible.  His office was more like a patient mill as opposed to offering genuine corrective therapy.  The workers (because I refuse to call them therapists) didn’t even have a basic understanding of anatomy let alone correctly perform their duties.  I’m a massage therapist myself so I knew they hadn’t a clue as to what they were doing. I later found out they were not licensed therapists at all.  As a result I quickly terminated my treatment.

In my search for a qualified doctor a friend mentioned Dr. Ken Best. Although she had never been to him personally, she’d seen a television program he was featured on and said I should look him up.  The way she described Dr. Best, and the fact that he was a chiropractor to several celebrities, I figured he’d be out of my price range.  To my delight, I was wrong.

I was so impressed by Dr. Best and his seemingly unlimited knowledge of the body.  He is not only a Chiropractor but a Holistic one and uses several techniques when performing his treatments.  One of which was muscle testing. With his muscle test, he can pin point exactly where the weakness is in your body. After the adjustment he retests you and right before your eyes the weakness shows immediate results.  I was truly in awe of that!

Within the first month of treatment I was off all pain medication and could see my progress. When I say he’s the BEST I mean that literally.

*By the way “Best” really IS his last name. I thought that was kind of cool…lol

landall g.

Studio City, CA

9/14/2010   Updated review

I have referred over 20 of my friends to Dr. Best over the years.  It is rare i do not get a phone call right after their appt saying “thank you for referring Dr. Best.”     I had gone to the “pop neck, massage machine and leave” doctor for years.  Dr. Best did muscle testing  to find out where i was injured or weak, and helped realign my body.   He is a holistic chiropractor and I cannot recommended him enough.

Landall Goolsby

4/3/2010  Previous review

I had been in four auto accidents in less than one year (none my fault) and i thought i was going to…

Wendy S.

Culver City, CA


Dr. Ken Best is a fantastic health care practitioner and healer!
Each time I see him, I walk out feeling better than I arrived. His knowledge of the body, mind and spirit connection make it a great experience. HIs use of different modalities and knowledge of nutrition provide a wholistic approach to his work He adjusts my spine and brightens my spirit & I allow him to adjust my young daughter as well. Dr. Ken has a joyous spirit and he’s easy on the eyes, too!